Episode 231: Cheryl Ladd makes being a Charlie's Angel simple

Rusty sits down with an angel this week on Leading Simple. Cheryl Ladd, best known for her role on Charlie’s Angels, shares about her faith journey, and how to find a better balance between work and life.
Today’s episode is a real treat. I had the chance to talk with Cheryl Ladd. You may recognize that name from several movies & TV shows, including the 1970s hit Charlie’s Angels. We sat down to talk about how she navigated through Hollywood as a young actress and how she landed her iconic role in the show.
We also had the chance to dig a little deeper as Cheryl shared about her experience with a marriage ending, as well as how she found a better work-life balance and how she came full circle to faith. Cheryl’s story is incredible. Whether you’re a fan of Charlie’s Angels, an entertainer yourself, or someone who’s figuring out how to fight workaholism, I can say that there’s something for you in this episode. 

How Cheryl Ladd got her Start – 2:08
  • Early beginnings in South Dakota
  • Her faith background
  • From singing in a band to acting in Hollywood
Finding Balance – 16:22
  • Cheryl lands Charlie’s Angels
  • On the hamster wheel of success
  • Finding her purpose
A New Direction – 31:50
  • Defining herself post-Angels.
  • Cheryl shares some of her favorite moments from Charlie’s Angels

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Rusty George
Rusty George
Follower of Jesus, husband of lorrie, father of lindsey and sidney, pastor of Crossroads Christian Church
Episode 231: Cheryl Ladd makes being a Charlie's Angel simple
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