Episode 239: Becket Cook makes identity simple.

I got to have an honest conversation with Becket Cook. Becket is a speaker and author who travels around to share his story of redemption and tackle the topic of homosexuality. I’ve gotten to know Becket over the years. Recently, he came to Real Life Church to speak. I knew that I had to have him share his experience with you as well.

Becket is open about his journey through being same-sex attracted and his encounter with God that set him on a new path. And I know there may be some of you who have family members and friends... maybe it's you who is trying to figure out what the truth is around identity and sexuality and where God stands on it. I think you're gonna be blessed by what Becket has to say, so listen to our conversation and feel free to share it with someone you know.

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Becket’s Beginnings - 3:44
  • Growing up in Texas
  • Wrestling with his identity and sexual orientation
Becket’s Encounter with Jesus - 14:58
  • Wrestling with the meaning of life
  • A chance encounter in a coffee shop
  • What Becket's encounter with God meant for his new life.
Walking Towards a New Identity - 31:10
  • Processing through the questions people may have around homosexuality.
  • Balancing grace and truth.


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Rusty George
Rusty George
Follower of Jesus, husband of lorrie, father of lindsey and sidney, pastor of Crossroads Christian Church
Episode 239: Becket Cook makes identity simple.
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