Episode 210: Dodgers scout Marty Lamb makes spotting talent simple

Rusty sits down with Marty Lamb, a Los Angeles Dodgers scout for the past 24 years. Listen as they talk through how to spot talent, what it means to develop it, and Marty's work with the nonprofit Refuge for Women.
Marty Lamb is a scout for the Los Angeles Dodgers. He’s signed some incredible talent from high schools and colleges. Learning how to spot talent early isn’t an easy feat, so I’m grateful to hear some of his insights on what it takes to do just that every day. We get a chance to talk about some of his learnings on the road and the highlights of his career so far. Marty also takes time to share about the incredible work he does with Refuge for Women, a non profit organization that supports survivors of sexual exploitation and human trafficking. 

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About Marty Lamb - 2:11
  • Marty’s start as a baseball player.
  • How he became a baseball scout.
What Does it Take to Spot Talent? - 08:29
  • The qualities Marty looks for in an up-and-coming player.
  • What makes an LA dodger different from other players?
  • How do you balance the analytics with the classic way of scouting talent?
Marty’s Work with Refuge for Women - 43:32
  • What is Refuge for Women?
  • An in-depth look at the work they do to help women recover from sexual exploitation.


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Episode 210: Dodgers scout Marty Lamb makes spotting talent simple
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