Episode 211: How I Broke this - Preaching for Depth

Rusty dives into another mistake he made on this episode in a segment called How I Broke This. Who is your favorite communicator? Why? Rusty has a few and, at some point, found himself becoming more like them and less like himself, often to please others. Getting feedback is important, but so is what you do with it. Hear the mistakes Rusty made when developing his preaching style and how you can avoid them.
Everyone has opinions, and as a Pastor, I have the pleasure of hearing a lot of them, particularly regarding my teaching style. 

You're not deep enough. 
You talk too much sports.
We want more Bible.
We want less Bible.
How about some Greek or Hebrew.
I wish you would __________________. (You can fill in the blank) 

For a long time, I didn't know what to do with that feedback. So I broke how I preach. Or, in other words, I broke myself trying to be someone else. Emulating what I thought people wanted, I looked at the success of other pastors and incorporated their style into what I did. It took me a while to learn the lessons I want to share with you on this episode of How I Broke This. 

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Rusty George
Rusty George
follower of Jesus, husband of lorrie, father of lindsey and sidney, pastor of real life church
Episode 211: How I Broke this - Preaching for Depth
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