Episode 217: How I Broke This (Listener Giveaway)

Rusty shifts gears for this episode of How I Broke This to celebrate the incredible listeners who’ve been a part of Leading Simple over the years. And be sure to listen to the entire episode so you can hear who won some of Rusty’s favorite things in this listener giveaway.
Podcasts have been such a valuable part of my life. 

From Craig Groeschel and Andy Stanley to Annie F Downs and my friend Michael Hinton, I’ve been able to learn from the things they’ve shared over the years. And when I started sharing my own experiences and conversations with different leaders on Leading Simple, I had no idea where we would be 217 episodes later. I’m grateful for every person who’s listened, left a comment or review, or shared an episode with someone. 

So today, I want to shift my focus to you: the listener.
I’ll be announcing the winner of the listener giveaway. You’ll get to hear some exciting news about something special I’ve been working on behind the scenes. You’ll also get a preview of some of the great episodes coming up this month.

Thanks for listening, and a special thanks to this month’s sponsor, ServeHQ.

Here’s where you can find some of Rusty’s favorites:
The Road Less Stupid by Keith J. Cunningham

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Rusty George
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Episode 217: How I Broke This (Listener Giveaway)
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