Episode 219: Monte Wilkinson makes interns, transitions and life wisdom simple.

Monte Wilkinson knows a thing or two about leading interns, getting hired at a new church, and navigating major church transitions. If you’re facing any of these things, you aren’t alone. Sit down with Rusty and Monte as they talk through what it was really like having Rusty as an intern, as well as the life wisdom Monte picked up through his years in ministry.
Monte Wilkinson is a pastor, a mentor, and one of my closest friends. I have to say that I wouldn’t be the pastor I am today without his example. He’s the lead minister at NorthEast Christian Church out in Lexington, Kentucky, and has seen a thing or two when it comes to leading a ministry. I can’t wait for you to hear the wisdom Monte shares.

Take a listen to our conversation as Monte talks about what it was like having me as an intern, the lessons he learned transitioning into a new church, and how the golden rule influences the way that he leads.

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About Monte Wilkinson - 2:59
  • A bit about Monte
  • How he came to ministry
  • Meeting Rusty as an intern

Leading simply from internships to lead pastoring - 05:41
  • The value of internships
  • Transitioning from Southland to NorthEast
  • Building up disciplined time with God

More life wisdom from Monte - 37:40
  • How to transition healthily from a staff role to a leadership position.
  • Righting the ship after a difficult transition.
  • How Rusty learned to integrate humor and reality in his sermons.
  • The most valuable leadership tool you can use in your relationships.

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Rusty George
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Episode 219: Monte Wilkinson makes interns, transitions and life wisdom simple.
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