Episode 220: Kevin Burrell makes predicting winners and making disciples simple

Rusty sits down with Chicago White Sox talent scout Kevin Burrell as they talk baseball, discipleship, & what to look for in upcoming talent.
I love getting to talk sports on the podcast, and man, have we had had some incredible guests this year, including Ned Yost from the Kansas City Royals and Marty Lamb from the LA Dodgers. (You can listen to my episodes with Ned and Marty here). 

Today, you’ll get to hear from Kevin Burrell. Kevin is a talent scout for the Chicago White Sox. I sit down with Kevin to talk shop as he takes me through what day-to-day life as a talent scout looks like. Kevin also shares his passion for discipleship, and how he lives that out in his career today. If you are a baseball fan, you’re in for a great episode. But you don’t have to be a baseball fan to get some incredible value from what Kevin has to share this week.

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About Kevin Burrell - 2:26
  • Kevin’s start as a baseball player himself.
  • What scout life looks like for Kevin.
  • A few things Kevin knows that he wishes he knew when he started.
What do scouts look for in a team player?  - 8:11
  • The three intangible Cs scouts (and hiring managers) can look for.
  • What the progression to the major leagues actually looks like.
Minister in disguise as a scout - 18:13
  • Kevin’s own faith journey
  • How Kevin disciples coaches and scouts.
  • The seven steps of discipleship Kevin walks through.

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Rusty George
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Episode 220: Kevin Burrell makes predicting winners and making disciples simple
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