Episode 223: Drew Moore makes becoming a disciple making church simple.

The great commission calls us to go out and make disciples. But what does that look like for churches in a post COVID world? Rusty chats with Drew Moore, pastor of Canyon Ridge Church to break down what it takes to become a disciple making church.
Drew Moore is my guest this week, and I’m so glad to have him on the podcast. Drew is the lead pastor of Canyon Ridge Church, a church in Las Vegas that has an incredible legacy. The founding pastor is my friend and friend of RLC, Mike Breaux (you can hear Mike on the podcast here). Watching Drew's journey, I can say that I've learned so much from him about what it means to make disciples and I hope you'll appreciate his insights too.

Drew and I talk about his journey becoming lead pastor, leading a church through a transition to a new direction, and practical ways to make discipleship simple for your church.


About Drew Moore - 1:55
  • Drew’s background
  • What it’s like leading a church in Las Vegas, Nevada
Forging a new path - 10:39
  • Following Mike Breaux and leading Canyon Ridge in a fresh direction.
  • Drew’s goal and how his church got there.
How to make disciples in this day and age - 21:48
  • How to approach discipleship with your average, first time attender.
  • Assumptions we make about the impact of a weekend service.


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Rusty George
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Episode 223: Drew Moore makes becoming a disciple making church simple.
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