Episode 228: Tiana Spencer makes overcoming shame simple

It’s human to wrestle with your identity or to wonder what’s next when you're healing from traumatic experiences. Maybe you’ve wondered where to connect with God in the midst of that. Rusty sits down with pastor and teacher Tiana Marie Spencer to talk through all this and more on this week’s episode of Leading Simple.
I had heard incredible things about Tiana Spencer as a pastor, speaker, and teacher. And I’ve got to say, I learned so much from her in our conversation. We got to talk about her love of teaching scripture and the encouragement she found to pursue it. She shared how she developed a desire for a more holistic faith. And I was moved to hear her talk about her passion for creating an emotionally healthy church. Maybe you’re wrestling with your calling or your identity. Or you’ve experienced some traumas that you’re working through. No matter where you fall on that spectrum, I think you’ll love hearing my conversation with Tiana.

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About Tiana Spencer - 2:47
  • Tiana’s start leading bible study at 14
  • Finding a starting point if you’re new to scripture
  • What Tiana’s reading that’s impacting her
  • How Tiana and her husband navigate ministry together.
Connecting with God - 12:59
  • Tiana shares how her family connects with God
  • Finding anchors to stay connected with
How Tiana found a passion for emotional healing in the church - 17:56
  • How Albert Tate encouraged Tiana to teach
  • Her own emotional journey
  • Processing trauma and emotional healing in the church
  • Developing her passion for holistic faith


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Rusty George
Rusty George
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Episode 228: Tiana Spencer makes overcoming shame simple
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