Episode 208: Kyle Idleman makes living under a microscope simple.

Southeast Christian Church’s Senior Pastor Kyle Idleman joins Rusty on the podcast. Rusty and Kyle sit down to talk about church planting and what it was like growing up under the microscope as a pastor’s kid.
Kyle Idleman from Southeast Christian Church is my guest for this week's episode. What you may not know is that Kyle is the one who planted Real Life Church, where I am today.

As we sat down, I learned a bit more about what it was like for Kyle to grow up under the microscope as a pastor's kid. (Something my daughters know a little something about. You can listen to their take on being a pastor's kid here). He shared with me how being open and authentic can be a catalyst for a better connection with your people. We also got to talk about his new book One at a Time. Kyle shares some great insights in this episode that I hope are helpful for you too.

Special thanks to our sponsor for the month, Stadia Church Planting!


About Kyle - 2:05
  • Kyle’s start in ministry
  • Planting Real Life Church
From under the microscope to in the fishbowl - 20:28
  • Kyle’s experiences as a pastor’s kid
  • How that helped him navigate being a pastor himself
  • Understanding brokenness
  • The importance of vulnerability in leadership
Leading Southeast Christian Church - 33:02
  • Stepping into the senior pastor role at Southeast Christian
  • What it was like following not just one legend but two
  • How to navigate a pastoral transition well.

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Rusty George
Rusty George
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Episode 208: Kyle Idleman makes living under a microscope simple.
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