Episode 229: Crawford Loritts makes navigating culture simple

How do you want your life to impact the culture around you? Rusty sits down with Crawford Loritts, an influential pastor and evangelist to tackle that question and more on this week’s Leading Simple.
This week’s episode was a dream come true for me. I had the chance to talk with Crawford Loritts, a pastor and evangelist with an incredible legacy.  Crawford also happens to be the author of one of the best leadership books I’ve ever read (you can see some of my other leadership book recommendations here), and we get the chance to talk a bit about it as well. 

We talked through his experience leading Fellowship Bible Church for 15 years, processed the effects of deconstruction on the church, and how we can impact the culture around us as Christian leaders.  I know you're going to appreciate what he has to say, whether you're a church leader or a leader in a church.

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Simplicity and Clarity - 1:34
  • Crawford Lorrits’ background
  • Becoming a cheerleader for leaders.
  • Why simplicity and clarity are the keys to great leadership.

Church & Culture - 13:09
  • Current trends in the church
  • Crawford shares points of pride and heartbreak in the church

Getting back to basics - 28:12
  • Rusty and Crawford talk through deconstruction & polarization in this age.
  • Leadership as Identity
  • Are we portraits of Jesus?

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Rusty George
Rusty George
follower of Jesus, husband of lorrie, father of lindsey and sidney, pastor of real life church
Episode 229: Crawford Loritts makes navigating culture simple
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